Our experienced team has successfully developed and deployed numerous projects for our clients, some of which are listed below

Media Listening Tool

Social Media

An effective tool to manage all social media content and analyze the performance of companies across various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, wherein people can read the posts, register their comments and associate them with multiple categories thereby providing insights on how effective does the company perform on the social media

Data Portal

Data Analytics

An on-demand data portal that lets clients to dig into talent data, download insight reports, watch webinars, and even connect with internal analysts directly through the portal. It lets clients identify key strengths and challenges among your specific target groups, allowing them to build a communication strategy that will attract and retain the right talent, ultimately reduce cost per hire & turnover

Data Repository

Centralized Data Hub

A core and centralized database management system about products, memberships, users, reports and so on including the client information. Containing the profiles of businesses, this application maps out the characteristics to be highlighted and how to assimilate the unique offerings of the business in a concise, effective yet attractive manner to the end-users

Content Management System

Efficient Content Management

A content management system can perform a variety of different tasks for a website including regulating when content is displayed, how many times the content is shown to a specific user, and managing how the content connects or interacts with other elements of the website. This software also enables less technical individuals to manage content on a website easily without having an extensive coding background

Corporate Analyzer

Branding and Analysis

A portal for various companies to see where they stand in the market amongst their competitors. Companies can login to the portal to see their yearly progress and rankings based on their performance and engagement rates in social media, and to know what people think about their social content. This application deals with large amounts of data that are rendered in a format that is informative as well as attractive to one's eye

HR Strategy System

Human Resources Management

Specific arrangements and administrations for information gathering, purging, solidification and administration to guarantee consistency in the continuous use and upkeep of information. Likewise giving administrations on different CRM exercises like Data Management, Email Campaigning, Dashboards taking into account prerequisites, and KPI measurements for administration